With a dedication to protecting and vindicating your constitutional rights, this law firm represents those who are victims of jail procedures police misconduct, including excessive force, deliberate indifference to medical care, and detention without cause.

Anytime our civil lawyers believe that your Constitutional rights have been violated and trampled upon, they fight to ensure that justice is brought to those violators, making them accountable for their actions.

Public Civil Rights

Whether you’ve been victimized by aggressive police misconduct, coerced to confess to a crime, detained without cause or have face retaliation for your right to freely express yourself, you may have a civil rights violation case.

The Office of David Akulian & Civil Rights Law

This firm views these violations as especially vile, as it is the legal system that is intended to serve and protect us. When an individual’s rights are stripped, they become vulnerable to the state and its power. Our work is intended to ensure that no official gets away with trampling on or dismissing your rights as a Citizen of the United States. Our civil lawyers aggressively fight against these breaches in the law fighting against those responsible and gaining vindication for clients.

Firmly standing as your advocate, this law firm is prepared to battle against those who violate the Constitution.

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Founded by attorney David Akulian, our Washington D.C. office has helped thousands of defendants with clear, knowledgeable legal advice that is geared towards attaining the best legal outcome possible. Serving the legal community for more than four years, Akulian brings more than 16 years of industry experience to our law firm, helping in our fight for justice in all criminal cases.